The Home Energy Detective:

I had major work done by the Detective (Troy) both remodeling and Home Energy review.   The work he did was beyond outstanding.  Listed below are some of his qualifications:

  • Listens attentively to what the customer is saying
  • Ability to translate what the needs of the customer and provides detailed responses that are easy to understand
  • Is passionate about  his compay and the work he proforms
  • Extentive research for the requirements needed for the tasks that he takes on
  • Fast turnaround on quote and work.  Very flexible on customers schedule.
  • Provided detailed information on how to improve the energy effiencties and remodeling work keeping in mind the budget of the customer.  His recommendations is saving me on an averge of $150.00 per month on my utilities (electricity and water)
  • Works quickly, effectively with the best intrest of the customer in mind
  • Understands the scope of the projects and provides progress on the work to keep the customer updated
  • Attends as many work related seminars to keep ahead of the changes in technolgies and what customers require.
  • His outstanding work my house transformed it into a different house than what it was before.

This are three main items that the The Home Energy Detective follows:

  1. Understand and exceeds the expectations of the customer
  2. Believes in cost containment 
  3. Provides outstanding service in quality and schedules

Troy now is my go to guy for future projects and I would give him 10 stars on a scale of 5 stars.

You will be extremly pleased with his work