The Home Energy Detective, Inc.

Dear Mr. Tanner:

The Home Energy Detective, Inc. waterproofed the crawl space under my Culpeper Virginia home in late March. I want to pass on to you that the crew made the renovation go really smooth. I felt very comfortable with them and was able to come and go without any problem. They did their work in a very professional manner and answered any question that I may have had.

Thank you,
Ginny Irvin
Culpeper, VA

These guys are great. They do a home evaluation to see how much air is escaping and from where. Then they give you a comprehensive plan for making your house energy efficient and re-test at the end. They replaced the insulation in my attic and installed reflective material to the attic ceiling as well as plugged up all holes due to vents, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, etc. Very professional and thorough.

Rachel Cullen

Troy Tanner
President, Home Energy Detective Inc.

Dear Mr. Tanner,

I'm writing to thank you and your work crew for your excellent work in upgrading the energy efficiency of my home. While I cannot be certain how much lower my heating and cooling costs will be one year from now, there is no doubt that they will be significantly reduced.

My wife and I were especially pleased with your engaging approach to the project. We were struck by the thoughtful , informative, courteous, patient, and at times jocular manner in which you explained the work that needed to be done and its possible advantages, kept us informed of your progress in completing the work we agreed to, and recommended changes in the original plan to remedy unanticipated problems. Moreover, it was your clearly articulated understanding of the steps that needed to be taken to improve the energy efficiency of our house and the most cost-effective way to accomplish that task that convinced us to hire you, even though we were your first customers.

In short, it truly was a joy to do business with you. We would be happy to discuss our experience with you and your company with prospective customers. And we wish you any your crew much success in coming years.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Troy:

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for your kindness and concern over my condo problems.

It was a pleasure and a privilege meeting you. It restored my faith that there are still good people like you walking around this earth.

Thanks Again and God Bless You,

Janice Carman
Alexandria, VA

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Troy Tonner. As Parrish Services evolved into an energy efficient company, Troy was always there to provide us with the professional expertise necessary to educate our customers about the ever-changing, highly efficient technology on the market. Since then, we have enjoyed 100% customer satisfaction when using Troy and his company. We know that when we recommend Troy and his company, The Home Energy Detective, our customers will be properly educated on their home's efficiency and how to improve upon it. As a business owner who truly cares about our customers' experience, I feel confident recommending Troy because I know he also cores about his customers' overall experience.

Troy's commitment to his customers and our environment is evident through his workmanship and passion to educate homeowners. When asked why I recommend Troy and his company, the answer is quite simple. Troy offers a great personality, with on even better work ethic, and an even better stream of knowledge. He has a true passion for educating his customers and taking their individual situation, analyzing the possible solutions, and improving their home based on their exact needs. That being said, since working with Troy, we have received nothing but praise from our customers that have utilized of his services.

Reliability and honesty also define Troy. There have been times when I've seen Troy communicate with a customer who is convinced their home is "leaky" when the tests prove otherwise. When the tests prove that a home is quite "tight" despite the homeowner thinking it is quite "leaky", Troy spends extra time going through the multiple testing steps, one at a time, to not only educate the customer, but to allow them to see and comprehend first hand exactly what Troy is testing for. Amongst all the other qualities Troy exemplifies, his honesty, reliability and communication really set him apart and ensure customers on enjoyable experience.

Alan Givens
President, Parrish Services