certificate-of-appreciationThe Home Energy Detective was presented a Certificate of Appreciation and thank you letter by the Unted States Department of Commerce for outstanding contributions to the 2013 SABIT Energy Efficiency in Construction Program. See the pdf of the certificate and letter.

The Home Energy Detective has also received high praise from the participants in the program. Below are testimonials from the Russian delegation.




Hello Mr. Troy Tanner!

I, Serhii Parasochka from Ukraine, was in a group of interns that January 17, 2013 getting to know your company's program SABIT. I am grateful for the information that you provide to us, for your hospitality and warm welcome.

Our company has considerable experience in conducting audits of industrial, communal and public buildings. Getting to know your company contributes to the decision to conduct an energy audit of individual houses in Ukraine.

I hope that our contacts will continue. Information about your company and the company TDS Custom Construction I posted on our website.

You can see this by using the link: http://www.tecom.com.ua/cmf.php?action=one&;num=64

(A translated pdf of the link is also available.)

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The visiting Home Energy Detective company was very interesting! I understand how energy auditors work in residential sector, which testing equipment they use and what marketing strategy they choose.

I personally felt the very good attitude and high interest due to discussing technical details of doing energy audit and different aspects of energy technologies and new energy savings materials. 

It would be good to assign more time for such meetings for the next program.  

The visit Troy's home help me understand better how people live in US and it was great pleasure to meet them.   

In general I am happy to take part in SABIT program were I meet many interesting people and companies. I hope to keep in touch with them and set up a JV business with some companies.


Best regars,

Alexandr Matrohin   




Please excuse me that I could not immediately reply.  It was nice to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Troy Tanner.  Many thanks for your hospitality, I want to wish you success and prosperity in your business.  Troy’s presentation was one of the most interesting and useful during the SABIT internship program.


With respect,
Kubanychbek Beysheev
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan