Crawlspace retrofitting is the process of extending the thermal barrier of your home to include the crawlspace while eliminating infiltration of polluted air and excess moisture.


How do you know if you need to retrofit your crawlspace?

  • Do you have a vented crawlspace?
  • Is the floor of your home directly above the crawlspace cold in the winter?
  • Does the interior of your home have a damp or earthy smell in the fall or spring?
  • Do you need the regular services of a pest control company to control the activity of rodents in the winter?
  • Do you have dark areas on your carpet that are directly adjacent to your walls?

You may greatly benefit from retrofitting your crawlspace if answered yes to one or more of the preceding questions. Contact the Home Energy Detective for a home energy audit if you have experienced any of these problems in your home.

Sealing your crawlspace will yield significant results in the area of indoor air quality and energy efficiency!


Some facts about sealing your crawlspace that you may not know.

  • Sealing your crawlspace reduces the amount of surface area in the home that is exposed to outdoor temperatures.
  • Sealing your crawlspace decrease the concentration of earth gases penetration into the home.
  • Sealing your crawlspace protects your home from excessive moisture entering the home in the summer, spring and fall.
  • Sealing your crawlspace protects you and your family from irritants that are generated by rodents and other pests that enter through the crawlspace.
  • Sealing your crawlspace allows for better preservation of natural woods in floors and furniture.

Contact the Home Energy Detective today to schedule your home energy audit to discover the best energy saving solutions for your home.