With home energy costs rising at an all time record pace, knowing where your energy dollars are being wasted is more important than ever.


“Discover the Facts” on how to:

  • REDUCE heating & cooling bills dramatically
  • ELIMINATE uncomfortable hot & cold spots in your home
  • REDUCE excessive humidity or dryness
  • IMPROVE indoor air quality
  • ENJOY cleaner carpets!


So what is a home energy audit?

The Home Energy Detective will perform a comprehensive home performance evaluation using state of the art testing equipment.

The first step is to test the infiltration rate of the home envelope. That means that we will find the air leaks in the home. With a blower door infiltrometer, thermal infrared imaging, smoke puffers and some good detective work we will find out where your air leaks are and give you a print out of how energy efficient your home energy is.

If home repairs are recommended to increase your home's energy efficiency, the Home Energy Detective can complete them as well, or you can do them yourself, or hire another contractor to do them. If we handle the repairs for you, when they are completed a new test is performed and you will receive a new print out showing a specific measurable result in how efficient the house now has become.

The Home Energy Detective is an independent company and has relationships with HVAC companies that are Members of the Comfort Institute and can give you an unbiased assessment on any equipment you may need.


Watch video examples of a home energy audit

These videos show examples of the home energy audit process of a normal initial walk through.



The use of a smoke puffer clearly shows the air moving through openings behind the walls and in the floor.