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Fiberglass Batt insulation, Blown in fiberglass Insulation, Cellulose insulation, Foam insulation. Which is best for you? Fiberglass Batt insulation is the least effective insulation for an attic. When installed properly the total insulation package is only about 80% effective due to the rafters. Each rafter and end of a bat is a thermal bridge to your home. The other issue with Batt insulation is that it most effective when it is captured on all six sides. Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left side and right side. If it is captured it works well, however we don't see that in attics. Another part of the problem is that air can easily move thru fiberglass batt insulation as well as blown in fiberglass. The R-Value plummets when air moves thru fiberglass. We in the industry call fiberglass batt and blown fiberglass a filter. (Look at what most HVAC Filters are made of) The next insulation is Cellulose. Cellulose is much denser and allows less air thru. This is a good insulator as it also has some rodent repellent mixed into the product. Cellulose can be Dense Packed for added insulating properties and increases the R-Value. Foam is an excellent choice as it is the best insulator. There is a little more cost associated with foam but the payback is very quick. Foam not only insulates extremely well, it also does not allow air movement thru it. This makes the effective R-Value go up.

There are several ways to apply foam. One is to apply it to the attic floor and keep a vented attic. (You may want to add Cellulose as a blanket over the foam on the attic floor.) Or you may want an unvented attic and foam the entire attic rafter area. This is the very best way to insulate a home. A COMBUSTION APPLIANCE ZONE TEST MUST BE PERFORMED IF YOU HAVE A GAS/OIL/PROPANE FURNACE OR WATER HEATER IN THE HOME!

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