Would You Benefit from a Home Energy Audit?

Think you need new windows?

In most cases almost all professional energy auditing firms will tell you that this almost always does not work or save you money. You have 2 types of air in your home. Potentially contaminated air, which come thru places like your garage, underground, a crawl space, your attic and if you have a town house your neighbor's home. Then there is the fresh air. Where do we get that from? Well normally we get that thru windows and doors. Other places are bath exhaust vents, dryer vents, (not great but not terrible), and other mechanically controlled ventilation products. So, if we go around sealing all your windows and doors first, what kind of air are we left with? Potentially contaminated air.

Another fact is that there is a difference between replacing a window and having a replacement window installed. When you replace a window, that means the window is removed to the rough opening of the original window space.  A replacement window only removes the sash and a new frame is modified to fit over the existing frame. You lose approx. 15% of the visible light. It also means that if the window issue is that air is leaking around the frame you have not solved anything.

Another way to look at window savings.

  • Assuming $300 per window in installation cost.
  • How long will it take to make that up in energy savings?
  • Windows account for somewhere between 20% and 30% of your building's energy loss. So, take 25% of your yearly heating bill (heat loss through windows), then take 10% of that number (improved efficiency with a low-e double-glaze replacement window over an old window with a storm window).
  • The result is the amount of money you could expect to save in energy use. If you replace 25 windows at a cost of $300/window, the Total Installation Cost = $7,500.
  • Return On Investment: Let's assume $5,000 in annual heating and cooling costs... then 25% of $5000 goes out the windows = $1250. Now, 10% of that is what you will save in energy use or, $125. So...it takes 60 YEARS to earn your money back! (not accounting for inflation)

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