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Do you have a crawl space?

answer-crawl-spaceEarth gasses, nasty smells, moisture! All of these issues cause your home to be uncomfortable to live in. There are several health issues and indoor air quality issues in the crawl space. If you have a vented (to outside) crawl space you have some particular problems. This type of crawl space allows the winter stack effect to rule the home. Time for a description: We measure air movement by CFM (Cubic Foot Per Minute) Think of a CFM as a (basketball). The stack effect works like this. We all know that heat rises. In the winter Mother Nature wants the heat from your home (basketballs). She takes it from anywhere she can get it. Mostly she takes it from your attic thru the venting. The venting is allowing all the heat (Basketballs) that comes from the openings in the attic floor to go out. Every CFM (Basketball) That leaves thru the attic is replaced with a cold dense (Basketball) that you now have to heat. The cold (Basketball) comes from your crawl space thru the vents to the outside and into all of the openings in the first floor above the crawl space. How do you stop this from happening? 

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