This series of videos goes step-by-step through the process of identifying air infiltration problems in a home's cantilever window in the kitchen, removing the current insulation, air sealing the cantilever and replacing the insulation. Learn more about our air sealing services.

#1 - This is what you find in most cantilever openings on the home.

#2 - See what insulation was found when the cantilever was opened.

#3 - Cantilever is open to the house and not properly insulated. Will be corrected with air sealing.

#4 - The under side of the wood shows stains from the air filtration.

#5 - An example of stains on fiberglass insulation when outside air moves through it.

#6 - What air infiltration looks like from the insulation side.

#7 - After the prep work the foam is being applied to the underside of a cantilever.

#8 - Finishing the air sealing process by applying the foam. Watch it expand!

#9 - Applying the foam to the cantilever.

#10 - Watch the spray foam expand!

#11 - Spray foam work complete for the air sealing of the cantilever.