When you consider energy efficiency upgrades, the intelligent way to set priorities and predict results is to begin with a comprehensive Home Energy Audit, performed by a trained and BPI certified professional. Armed with the assessment results you will be able to evaluate alternatives and make informed decisions… decisions based on actual data about your home today, and accurate projections regarding the impact of different upgrade options. After any selected work is completed, another assessment will confirm that your projected goals have been met and you can expect to see the anticipated results.


step1Step 1: Schedule Your Audit

The first step to a more energy efficient, healthier, more comfortable home is to schedule a home energy audit. During the energy audit, we will use infrared technology, blower door testing, and combustion safety testing equipment to provide a comprehensive analysis of how your home uses energy.


step2Step 2: Receive Evaluation & Plan
Our energy audit report includes a full analysis of your home's energy consumption - including air leakage rates, insulation assessments, combustion safety information - as well as the most cost-effective steps for improving your home's energy performance based on unbiased testing.


step3Step 3: Apply the Solutions
The Home Energy Detective will tackle the most cost-effective improvements found during the initial assessment. These improvements may include air sealing, attic insulation, duct sealing, wall insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, weather stripping, or replacement of windows and doors.


step4Step 4: Enjoy Improved Comfort & Savings
A home that has undergone energy efficiency improvements with the Home Energy Detective is a more comfortable, healthy, and more energy efficient home. Enjoy reduced heating and cooling bills, fewer drafts, more even temperatures throughout the house, improved indoor air quality and higher home resale value down the road.





Watch a video testimonial of how one of our satisfied clients is enjoying improved comfort & savings in their home!




The Home Energy Detective provides home energy efficiency services for Northern Virginia (VA), Williamsburg and Yorktown areas.